Clair Cameron Patterson C. Patterson developed the uranium-lead dating method. Using lead and uranium isotopic data from the Canyon Diablo meteorite, he calculated an age for the Earth of 4. A figure far more accurate than those that existed at the time and one that has remained unchanged for over 50 years. The Clair C. Patterson Award is presented annually. Make a Nomination. Patterson Award, presented annually at the V. Goldschmidt Conference, recognizes an innovative breakthrough of fundamental significance in environmental geochemistry, particularly in service of society, consisting of either a single outstanding contribution or a short series of papers published within the last decade.

C.C. Patterson Award

Patterson was born in Mitchellville, Iowa, who spent his entire professional career at the California Institute of Technology Caltech. In collaboration with George Tilton, Patterson developed the uranium—lead dating method into lead—lead dating. Tilton, George R.

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Clair C. Patterson, a geochemist who made the first accurate measurement of Earth’s age and raised the alarm about dangerous levels of lead in the environment, died on Tuesday at his home in Sea Ranch, Calif. He was The cause was an asthma attack, said a spokesman for the California Institute of Technology, where Dr. Patterson had been on the faculty for 40 years. Although Earth’s age, still accepted to be 4.

Clair C. Patterson, Who Established Earth’s Age, Is Dead at 73

Nineteenth century geologists recognized that rocks formed slowly as mountains eroded and sediments settled on the ocean floor. But they could not say just how long such processes had taken, and thus how old their fossils were. He came up with that figure by estimating how long it had taken for the planet to cool down to its current temperature from its molten infancy.

But Kelvin didn’t, and couldn’t, know that radioactive atoms such as uranium were breaking down and keeping the planet warmer than it would be otherwise. An older Earth At the dawn of the twentieth century, physicists made a revolutionary discovery: elements are not eternal.

Quick Facts. Name: James Patterson. Birth Date: March 22, (age 73). Place of Birth: Newburgh, New York. Full Name: James Patterson.

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Claire C. Patterson’s biographer and peer George H. Tilton described him as energetic, innovative, determined and “modest about his own accomplishments.

Contents. Sect. 1. Clair Patterson: The Person. Ch. 1. From Meteorites to Man: The Patterson Geochemical Heritage / Thomas M. Church. Ch. 2.

He later received his Ph. In collaboration with George Tilton , Patterson developed the uranium—lead dating method into lead—lead dating. By using lead isotopic data from the Canyon Diablo meteorite , he calculated an age for the Earth of 4. Patterson had first encountered lead contamination in the late s as a graduate student at the University of Chicago. His work on this subject led to a total re-evaluation of the growth in industrial lead concentrations in the atmosphere and the human body, and his subsequent campaigning was seminal in the banning of tetraethyllead in gasoline and lead solder in food cans.

Clair Cameron Patterson was born in Mitchellville, Iowa. His father was a mail carrier and his mother was a member of the school board; Patterson had one brother, Paul, and one sister, Patricia. He attended Grinnell College—close enough that Patterson would hitchhike home to do laundry [2] —and graduated with a degree in chemistry in For graduate school, they both attended the University of Iowa , where he was awarded an M.

Influential Grinnell Alumni: Clair Patterson ’43

Fragment of the Canyon Diablo iron meteorite. Patterson developed the uranium—lead dating method into lead—lead dating and, by using lead isotopic data from the Canyon Diablo meteorite , he calculated an age for the Earth of 4. He graduated from Grinnell College with a bachelor degree in chemistry in There, he met his future wife, Lorna McCleary.

What Brown wanted Patterson to do was ana lyze the lead in ancient iron meteorites and rocks. He theorized that a dating system similar to what existed.

After graduating with a degree in chemistry , Patterson completed his Ph. Using a newly developed form of lead dating, Patterson succeeded in his mission, giving us the estimate, 4. Patterson unwittingly discovered that modern industrial output, mainly car exhaust fumes, were adding devastatingly large amounts of lead to the air, at a rate that was sure to eventually cause widespread lead poisoning.

Patterson took on powerful oil and auto industry heads with a financial interest in silencing his work, and succeeded in demonstrating to the world the gravity of this problem. Patterson passed away in , at the age of Patterson can be found in the Grinnell College Libraries’ online catalog. We encourage anyone with an interest to drop by Special Collections and examine our archival items in person.

‘Cosmos’ Recap: What Lead Poisoning and Earth’s Age Have in Common

James Patterson is a prolific author who has written detective stories, thrillers, science fiction, romance and young adult novels. His first book was published in While being a published author, he continued moving up the ranks of the advertising world until , when he decided to leave his life as an executive to focus on writing full time.

Patterson established in , and its level of lead pollution might seem to be disparate subjects, both findings emerged from Dr. Patterson’s.

Football is fun for bickering, but for really wrecking family dinners over the Thanksgiving holidays, try tackling the week’s political argument over the age of the Earth. The fun kicked off when GQ Magazine quoted political hot property Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. But Rubio’s answer upset pundits and geophysicists. The actual age of our planet had been provided some time ago by a scientist whose contributions were ignored in the opinion-page fights that followed.

The scientist was Caltech geophysicist, Clair Cameron Patterson , the forgotten man in the week’s most discussed debate, besides Thursday’s Lions vs. Texans NFL refereeing debacle , of course.

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